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Hide-A-Pet Game St. Pat's DonkeyPrice: $5.50  

Here's a game for the whole family to play,
it does not take hours it does not take all day.
It is ongoing game and will bring many smiles,
The little equine may move many miles.

Pick out an equine, donkey, zebra or horse,
you choice the color or holiday print of course.
For more fun buy several each different and fun
This will keep your family on it's toes and up off its buns.

Just take the equine out of the bag,
this fun little guy ready, it is not a nag.
First you hide it and then wait,
soon someone new will be holding it's fate.

Some ideas to get started could be in a nook,
hide it under a pillow or behind a book.
Maybe in the barn on top of the feed,
Just make sure no one eats it when they go for their seed.

Hide it all around the house at first let them find it quite easy,
In a cereal box, the refrigerator or next to Miss Beasley.
Then make it harder to find as it goes.
Make the family keep their eyes posted and up on their toes.

You could make it a car game where someone will find,
a equine behind a mirror or on top of the blind.
Make sure it won't fall or get hidden too deep,
the idea is to keep it moving without saying a peep.

Be the next one to move it if you find it you see,
keep it moving and hiding and finding is key.
Keep the fun in it's life and your life too,
by hiding this equine it shows the fun in you.

It's a fun little game for the whole family to play
This is a game that will last more then a day.
It never gets old, it never choresom,
It's really quite fun, it's really quite wholesome.

This is a fun and ongoing game to be played by any age. This is a safe little equine that won't break. It is not heavy, or sharp, no paint, and is safe for most people. Do not put the item in your mouth or do any other silly thing with it.....up your nose or your.....well? Just play the game as we wrote it. LOL

The idea is to move it around the house in interesting places to be found in ordinary day routines. Something to bring a smile to the whole family. Some like to hide, some like to find, all, *everyone* will have fun with this game. It is also fun for those that visit your house to let them know to look for it and to move it. You might however want to tell them not to make it too hard to find. To add to the fun, change the character or the print on the item you have (buy another like it in a different fabric print). Watch the fun when your family finds a new one. Change the type of animal (see our other websites) or as the Holidays come or to hide two or three.

These "Hide An Animal" stuffed animal games make great gifts for all ages. They make great family gifts for friends, family, neighbors and of course those acquaintances that you have no idea what to give. They are also wonderful prizes for 4H, show prizes, little thank yous for that special person that takes care of your animals while you are away......

Other Hide-A-Pet's coming soon. Check our other websites for more ideas.

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