Building Goat Forts

When we first moved here to NW SD there was not a building one on this property. Deron took some 4' x 8' shelves that we had brought with us and built what we called "Goat Forts" for the goats until we could get something better built for them. What we found out was 1) The goats love their Goat Forts, and so do the ducks and geese. When it gets really cold they all go in together and do fine. 2) Those old and not in great shape shelves lasted for 4 1/2 years. The shelves did have 2" x 6" framing on each one all the way around and most had cross pieces across the side. The goats could even get up on top of them when the wanted to and slept there many an afternoon and night.

When we started the barn the goats would go in, but still preferred their Goat Forts. So. Deron bought pressure treated lumber and started building new Goat Forts to Fort standards. Hurricane standards really. We get a lot of straight line wind here in SW SD and have no trees to brake it (ie, straight line winds). In the winter 55 MPH and higher winds are common.

You can see by the photos that these Goat Forts are build strong and snug enough for even a human to survive in.

The pressure treated 2" x 6"'s are used in an "L" form top, bottom and each side of the frame. There are cross pieces for stability and no areas for a draft when that wind kicks. Each of the two Goat Forts has a 2' x 3' doorway placed catty corner (or kitty corner as they say in WI) for extra wind break per fort.

So far, the frames have been approved by our local committee. The geese. Everything we do around here they come and "talk" to one another about, and look and talk and watch. We call them our self appointed "The Committee". You can see them hanging around Deron (as long as he builds they are there) in the photos here.

Goat Fort Contructions Begins Goat Fort Construction 2 Goat Fort Contructions 1 Second Goat Fort Frame Goat Forts built to Hurrican standards Deron always has a lot of help and advise We call them "the committee" - self appointed of course The Committee checking the construction Goat Fort Construction 7 Goat Fort or Fort Knox Goat Fort top cross boards 2011 Goat Forts 1 Goat Fort 2 Goat Forts 4  2011

More photos to come. The contents of this page for Building Goat Forts is still under construction.

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