There are many items a person could collect that have goats on them or are shaped like goats. I am so bad about getting photos taken. <sigh> I have many items, just need to get photos of it all.

goatbooks 2006-04-13.jpg

I enjoy collecting animal books. Here are some of my goat books. I really like the older animal care books with help in home treatment.

goatceramics 2006-04-13.jpg

These is a special piece. I started going to a ceramic class with some friends of mine. We usually meet at Jeanne's house before class and have lunch... and a lot of laughs. One week this greenware piece was sitting by my plate and was a gift from Jeanne. I painted it to look like some of my goats. I may not paint that well, but we all sure have a good time.

I Heart Goat Keychain Heart Goat Keychain

I started making these goat keychains awhile again. Like many things that I make for myself, friends and family encouraged me to make them to see also. I take that as a compliment!

Redneck Lawnmower

I LOVE THIS T-SHIRT!! My good friend Sally bought this for me. Sally and I have shared trails and gravel roads with not only our goats but also, dogs, horses, rabbits and gosh all types of animals.

It is a bit wrinkled in this photo. LOL It is one of those things I have been meaning to get a photo of but.....well, life gets in the way. Wrinkled or not, I am glad I finally got the photo up here for all to enjoy. I smile each time I see it. I think it is cute and funny and it came from such a lovely goat owning/working/training lady!

The Other White Milk The Other White Milk

Another great Goat T-Shirt.

South Dakota Lawnmower T-Shirt

Here's another of my T-Shirt finds.... this one, believe it or not, came from Walmart. I bought one for each of us and a couple for friends.

Mountain Goat Earrings

I love earrings. I have many that are shaped like different animals. I might even go so far as to say I collect animal shaped pierced jewelry. These little Mountain Goats are pewter.

Pack Goat Fossil Scene

LOL Yes, I love both the cute little packing goat pins that I made (and do sell in our on line store here at the site) as well as the fossils and arrow heads that Deron and I have found.

Goat Earrings

I love these little goat shaped pewter earrings. I made them myself and wear them all the time. The photo did not take so well, it figures. I finally gathered up some of my goat stuff to take photos and the lighting was bad...some turned out blurry....another day, another day.

Schleich Goats

Schleigh makes six little goat statures that I know of. I have several of their animals statures. I thought these little Boer Goats were really cute, I had a hard time finding the kid that goes with them I had seen in the catalog. But as you see......I did find it.

Goat Charm

I have to dig around because I am sure that I bought TWO of these 3D goat charms to make earrings with. This one is sterling silver and just as cute and nicely/goaty looking as it can be.

Ram's Head Ring

This is a fun little sterling came and could be a goat, but I have to admit, it dose look like a ram! LOL Not a great photo and I would like to add another angle, but for now, here it is.

Goat powered covered wagon

LOL Well, it did not turn out as cute as I thought it might. But here it is, the goat scooner, or covered wagon. The wagon was in parts when I had the idea for this and when I put it together (a child's toy) my husband had to come and help and drill and move some things around. Between the unclear instructions and the parts that were, less then perfect, well, here it is. I did glue the harness to the Schleich doe, but I have another one just like it.

Schleich Goats

It took a bit to find all three of the cute little Pygmy Goats that Schleigh makes. Fun Finds I call them.

Mountain Goat Fossils

I found this guy at the Farm Store near where the Schleigh display is. He was $3 and is made by Safari Ltd. I thought he was cute and they only had the one.

Although not a great photo, I have the Mountain Goat standing with fossils Deron and I found out here in NW SD. I wish you could see the KOOOL fossils better...

Schleich Goats

These were a real find. I had not seen this set in the catalogs or in any of the stores that sell Schleigh. I found them while on a trip to WI and bought the three of them. When I got to WI I found that my friend Sally, who also collects goat items, did not have a set either, so on the way home, I bought her a set. The kid that I bought for her was the last one they had.

Goat Bells
Goat Bells, I have a whole bunch more in our photo section if you would like to seem of the painted ones. I bought these cute little bells for my four new boys. They each ring nice and they ring just a bit different. I was quite tickled to find these at a Flea Market for .50 each.

Goat Earrings

Deron bought me these earrings for my birthday 2010 and I love them.

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